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At Epsilon Eco, we work for you to achieve your goals

Epsilon Eco, who are we?

Epsilon Eco is a multidisciplinary corporation that assists organizations in managing, protecting, improving and optimizing their resources. Whether operational, strategic or technological, the management, protection and enhancement of your resources are at the core of our mission. Data analysis, accounting, audit, tax advice, risk management, project management, information technology and training constitute the backbone of our services and our consulting profession. LISTENING is fundamental to our approach. We listen to you and ask you questions every step of the way. Our service is based on an assessment of your business. We determine your needs together; identify the strengths of your business and we develop a plan to improve. We offer you solutions specific to your business. We always follow up with you and at each stage we validate the progress of your projects in progress. Make an appointment and take advantage of the first hour of consultation that we offer free of charge.

Our belief at Epsilon Eco

As a business intelligence group focuses in data analysis, information technology, risk and project management, Epsilon Eco demonstrates rigor and integrity in its approaches and interactions. Taking initiative and being pragmatic are central to our way of doing things. Our aim is to help develop your value creation strategy and optimize the use of your resources to achieve your goals. We use our expertise and experience to find optimal solutions to your business problems whether they are about regulatory issues, strategic, accounting, technological or other in nature because the success of your organization is our success.


Our team is dedicated to improving your activities and satisfying our customer’s needs. As a specialist in data analysis, risk management, project management, auditing and accounting, we understand that good management with dedicated resources will bring value to your stakeholders and decision makers. With our strong expertise, we are dedicated to our work to meet your expectations. Contact us today and find out how our team can support your growth and help you reach your goals.

Claude M. Setodji, Ph.D., Statistics

Researcher and consultant in data science (statistics) and its applications in artificial intelligence, data mining, big data and predictive analytics, he has more than twenty (20 years) of experience and recognized expertise in health, education, banking and applied research sectors. He has developed several predictive analytics models and tools for several North American companies. Claude Setodji holds a PhD in statistics (2003) from the University of Minnesota in the United States. He is an adjunct professor at a University in the US and associate editor of two peer review journals and continues his research activities with various organizations.

Kouassi A. Falschau, Ph.D., Business Administration

Kouassi is a managing director at Epsilon Eco and professor at the University of Quebec in Outaouais (UQO). He is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) and a Certified Risk Management (CRM). Kouassi obtained a Doctor of Business Administration (PhD/DBA) in project management and risk management along with a bachelor’s degree and an MBA in accounting. With more than 20 years of experience in risk management, public accounting, governance and training, he puts his vast professional and academic expertise to work for public and private organizations. Dr. Falschau provides specialized assistance in governance and risk management suited to the needs of each organization, thereby helping to support their growth and ensure their continuity.

Stéphane Gagnon, Ph.D., Business Administration

An information technology (IT) researcher and consultant, Dr. Gagnon works on intelligent systems for project risk management and IT process integration. He holds a Ph.D. in Business Administration, with specializations in Strategy and Technology Management from the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), and a Master of Public Administration from Carleton University (Ottawa-Canada). Dr. Gagnon has more than 20 years of experience in IT project management. He has published on applications of these technologies in financial services, cyber security and healthcare. He leads a research network to develop the first Business Technology Management (BTM) body of knowledge (BoK) in partnership with the IT Association of Canada (ITAC). Dr. Gagnon is also an associate professor in BTM at the Université du Québec en Outaouais (UQO) and has taught in a dozen other academic institutions around the world as a visiting professor.

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Nos enquêtes vous aideront à améliorer vos prises de décisions.


Our surveys will help you improve your decision making.


Notre équipe vient du monde académique et de recherche, ainsi que des milieux professionnels comme le domaine financier, technologie de l’information, comptable et juridique.

Our Team

Our team comes from the academic and research world, and has professional backgrounds such as finance, information technology, accounting and legal.


Nos recherches s'articulent autour de l'analyse de données massives, l'intelligence artificielle (IA), l'innovation et la transformation organisationnelle, et plus.


Our research interests range from massive data analysis, innovation and organizational transformation, and much more.


Cette formation aide les participants à maîtriser les outils essentiels à la gestion des activités et des performances organisationnelles.


This training help participants master tools that are essential for managing activities and organizational performance.


Ces formations sont conçues pour aider les professionnels à mieux maîtriser les normes relatives à la conception, la planification, et la gestion de projets.


These courses are designed to help professional to better understand and master standards relative to design, manage, and evaluate projects of all types.


Ces formations visent à développer les compétences nécessaires pour utiliser des outils et des techniques de gestion de l'incertitude et des risques.


These training courses are designed to develop the skills that are needed to use tools and techniques in uncertainty and risk management.


Epsilon Eco se propose de vous aider à l'établissement des comptes, les services comptables et les conseils en droits des affaires et en droit du travail.


Epsilon Eco offers assistance with the preparation of accounts, accounting services and advice on business and employment law.


Nos formations d'audit interne et de contrôle permettent aux participants de maîtriser les concepts, les outils et les techniques pour mener des audits internes et atteindre les objectifs attendus.


Our internal audit and controls courses permit participants to master the concepts, tools, and techniques for conducting internal audits effective to achieve the expected objectives.


Nos formations en analyse de données sont conçues pour répondre spécifiquement aux besoins de votre entreprise dans un environnement en constante évolution.


Our trainings in data analytics and artificial intelligence are designed to address your business need specifically in an environment of constant change.


Les activités de formation et de perfectionnement offertes par Epsilon Eco sont articulées autour de plusieurs thématiques et sujets de l'heure.


Training and development activities offered by Epsilon Eco are structured around several themes and currents topics.


La maîtrise du coût, du délai et de la qualité dans un environnement incertain sont les expertises que Epsilon Eco met à votre disposition pour vous aider à gérer les projets.


Managing cost, time and quality in an uncertain environment are the expertise that Epsilon Eco offers to help you manage projects.


Nos analyses et diagnostics des risques stratégiques, opérationnels et de conformité permettent de déceler et gérer les événements qui pourraient avoir une incidence sur les objectifs organisationnels.


Our analyzes and diagnoses of strategic, operational and compliance risks help manage events that could have an impact on your organizational objectives.


De la déclaration à l’optimisation fiscales, nos experts et professionnels vous aident à structurer et à prendre des décisions conformes aux réglementations et aux changements législatifs.


From tax reporting to optimization, our tax experts use their knowledge to provide advice on tax issues that comply with regulations and legislative changes.


Alliant expertise en technologie de l’information et en analyse d’affaires, Epsilon Eco vous aide à identifier les défaillances dans votre modèle d’affaires qui pourraient miner la performance organisationnelles.


Combining our expertise in information technology and business analysis, Epsilon Eco helps you identify limitations in your business model that could undermine your organization performance.


Epsilon Eco vous aide à améliorer l’efficience et l’efficacité de vos processus de gouvernance, de gestion des risques et du contrôle interne grâce à l’expertise de son équipe multidisciplinaire.


Using the expertise of our multidisciplinary team, we help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your governance, risk management and internal control processes of your organization.


Epsilon Eco se propose de vous accompagner par ses services adaptés et sur-mesure d’externalisation, de révision et d’audit afin que vous puissiez consacrer votre temps à la gestion de vos activités.


With a personalized service, Epsilon Eco proposes outsourcing, review and audit services that help you free-up your time to manage your activities.

Technologie (TI)

De la conception à l’infonuagique en passant par la développement des applications, nos experts vous aident à structurer et à transformer votre environnement TI par la mise en œuvre des solutions innovantes.

Technology (IT)

From design to cloud computing and applications development, our experts aid in structuring and transforming your IT environment by implementing innovative solutions.

Analyse de données

Epsilon Eco propose de vous aider à utiliser les analyses de données, la gestion des risques, et les modélisations pour améliorer ou appuyer vos décisions.

Data Analytics

Epsilon Eco offers data analytics, and modeling services that help improve or support your decisions.

Data Analytics

Epsilon Eco offers data analytics, and modeling services that help improve or support your decisions.

Our Mission

Epsilon Eco propose de vous aider à utiliser les analyses de données, la gestion des risques, et les modélisations pour améliorer ou appuyer vos décisions.

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