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A personalized accounting service to support your organization

No matter what type of accounting services, we provide a single point of contact for all your accounting and a customization that fits your organization needs. From the simplest to the most advanced accounting services, Epsilon Eco also offers accounting solutions that provide accurate reading of your financial position along with having your financial information ready any time to support your decision process.


Outsourcing accounting services is cost-effective solution that brings value to our customers. Epsilon Eco responds to your requests by leveraging the expertise of the experienced team and dynamic professionals who provide sound accounting advice depending on the nature of your activity. Satisfying our customers’ needs is our priority. Our commitments are anchored in the code of ethics and the respect of professional secrecy which represent an obligation and a duty towards our customers. Whether you are an entrepreneur, manager, or administrative and financial director of an organization, Epsilon Eco anticipates your needs and offers you a unique accounting service that allows you to :

  • Use your resources for the development of your activity
  • Focus your attention on strategic challenges
  • Normalize your accounting and financial information flows

Finally, our online service provides you the opportunity of monitoring your accounting in real time with a dashboard that can help you make decisions quickly. This tool permits access at any time and from a simple internet connection to all your accounting information and archives.

Accounting Audit

Epsilon Eco offers you an auditing mission. This applies to both small and large companies, which either have an internal accounting department or simply for organizations wishing to set up shared bookkeeping. By choosing the audit service, you are active, since you participate with Epsilon Eco , in the keeping of your accounts according to terms defined by mutual agreement. You record all accounting documents (purchase and expense invoices, sales invoices, bank statements). Epsilon Eco, as part of its audit assignment, will carry out various consistency and plausibility checks, ensuring compliance with accounting principles, and will record all year-end entries, i.e. allocations and provisions, inventory entries, etc… As part of this audit assignment, we will therefore ensure the regularity and fairness of the financial statements by analyzing the events and information on which our opinion is based. Finally, Epsilon Eco is also responsible for drawing up the annual financial statements, tax returns (Taxes, etc.), closing the accounts with the management, and an annual meeting to review the financial and economic development of the company.

Statutory Audit

The certification of accounts provides reliable financial information that is essential for government entities and various stakeholders (customers, suppliers, bankers, investors, shareholders, etc.). Epsilon Eco uses his know-how during audit engagements missions to find solutions to risks or challenges that your business is exposed to. Companies often underestimate risks to which they are exposed, in particular:

  • Operational risks that are related to weaknesses in internal control which might be the result of a lack of knowledge of internal dysfunctions or inappropriate flow of information between different services which can have damaging consequences on the future of the company
  • Strategic risks that result from poor anticipation of market developments (product obsolescence) and the operational and strategic environment (arrival of new competitors, modification of the legal framework)

In addition, statutory audits aim to certify that the annual accounts are regular and fair, presenting true picture of the economic and financial situation of the company. Therefore, verification and reviews of key internal controls contribute to certifying the corporation’s annual statements. Using a standardized audit approach, Epsilon Eco monitors continuously key indicators that might have negative impacts on your financial statements. Epsilon Eco, as part of its review mission, will perform various checks by ensuring compliance with accounting principles.

Legal & contractual audit

Legal audit consists of certifying the annual and consolidated accounts for the companies and organizations of interest. The legal audit mission allows for follow-up throughout the year and is based on a standard audit approach. Our specialists are familiar with your legal and regulatory environment. The mission is carried out taking into account the specificities of each client’s business area. This way each auditor knows where his or her attention should be focused, making the intervention unique. Where a company meets the criteria for obligations, it must appoint a statutory auditor and an alternate auditor, either in the articles of association or by decision of the general assembly meeting. The company is free to appoint an auditor of its choice. The legal term of office of a statutory auditor is 6 financial years, whether the appointment is voluntary or compulsory (e.g. by court decision).

We also offer training in the areas of accounting and auditing

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