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Business strategy and analysis

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Business strategy and analysis adapted to your organizations’ needs

Strategic management

Epsilon Eco supports organizations in developing and updating of their strategy, defining their market positioning to operationalize their plans that will help optimize performance and achieve their objectives. As such, we offer services in:

  • Positioning / planning / strategic thinking
  • Operationalizing and monitoring strategies and mechanisms
  • Supporting in the implementation of strategies
  • Designing programs for public policies
  • Developing performance measurement frameworks
  • Conducting market, feasibility, and economic studies
  • Conducting cost-benefit and return on investment analyzes
  • Developing decision support tools such as dashboards, performance indicators and risk management

Process design and optimization

Continuous improvement aims to support performance of the teams, the design and optimization of the processes that contribute to the performance of the organization. Epsilon Eco will assist you in optimizing your processes by:

  • Designing or mapping of processes to identify redundancy an inefficiency
  • Analyzing and improving business support processes
  • Assessing your performance measures and improvements systems
  • Analyzing roles and responsibilities for proper allocations of resources

Organizational management

Epsilon Eco offers a range of diversified services that aim to help you improve the management of your organization. These services include carrying out organizational diagnoses, designing organizational policies and procedures, facilitating, and supporting major organizational transformations among other things. As such, we offer services in:

  • Organizational diagnosis and audit
  • Programs and performance evaluations
  • Design of organizations structure and governance framework
  • Support for institutional reforms and transformations
  • Development of organizational change management processes, procedures, and policies

Business Analysis

Epsilon Eco supports your business development by providing analytical services that ensure appropriate control of strategic projects. Our team leverage their experience and knowledge of your sector of activity to establish a common understanding of your needs, requirements, and priorities to guide projects to success. Services offered by Epsilon Eco are:

  • Market. feasibility and profitability study
  • Risk and issues analysis
  • Business process redesign
  • Strategy assessment and analysis
  • Operationalization of strategy

Change management

Epsilon Eco supports you by intervening in all phases of your transformation. Our team offers adapted ways of doing things that put the human at the center of processes, organization, culture, and tools. The quality and relevance of the specialists’ interventions make it possible to influence and advance the organization in the desired direction:

  • Develop and implement a change management strategy and plan
  • Analyze the stakeholders and identify the impacts, risks, and issues
  • Assess the capacity to change, identify adaptation needs and indicators of success
  • Develop different strategies and plans adapted to the different groups affected
  • Support the project management team in the search for innovative solutions
  • Manage the implementation of strategies and plans in collaboration with stakeholders
  • Evaluate performance and propose additional measures if necessary

We also offer training in business strategies and analysis.

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