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CeRADA is a data analysis and business research center that aims to develop innovative solutions and transfer cutting-edge knowledge, while contributing to scientific advancement. CeRADA’s main objective is to develop and disseminate knowledge on business issues such as data analysis, risk management, project management, corporate governance and control, operational strategy, management processes and information technology. CeRADA focuses on innovation and collaborative development. Its expertise is grouped around the following areas:

  • Analytics and artificial intelligence
  • Governance and operational strategy
  • Decision-making under uncertainty (risk and non-determinism)
  • Project management
  • Information technology


Data plays an essential role in the modernization and transformation of organizations operating models in all sectors of activity. The use of data analysis techniques has become essential for many organizations seeking a competitive advantage, as they often face complex problems requiring the use of data analysis specialists in addition to business specialists. Considering these new imperatives, it is essential to have good understanding of data analysis techniques to be able to benefit from its advantages and ensure that they contribute to organizations decisions making processes. CeRADA is inspired by the fact that data and business analytics are more and more key competitive advantage to ensuring success of organizations. This implies a multidisciplinary and transversal approach and constant collaboration between stakeholders and decision-makers. CeRADA was created to meet these challenges and find innovative solutions to ensure that organizations take advantage of these tools and knowledge to meet their business objectives in a constantly changing environment.


CeRADA’s mission is to develop methods and approaches to make data and business analytics easily usable for decision-making under uncertainty. This is dictated by the need to support stakeholders’ complex operating environment where attributes of non-determinism are dominant. Areas of application include the public and private sector, where our efforts will be focused on the following activities:

  • Monitoring and reviewing scientific and professional literature to help decision-making and organizational activities
  • Continuous professional development activities and training for improving knowledge in data and business analytics
  • Highlighting questions, lines of inquiry and new knowledge to advance the practices of exploiting big data and the use of data analytics tools for innovation and organizational transformation
  • Optimizing knowledge sharing activities in data analytics, uncertainty management and business administration and management areas of knowledge

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Our research interests range from massive data analysis, innovation and organizational transformation, and much more.

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