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Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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Optimal Data Management for Your Organization’s Success

Epsilon Eco offers data analytics services and expertise that are increasingly sought by all organizations. Business analytics includes a set of statistical techniques for extracting strategic information from large databases that an organization has. These techniques enable organizations to improve management of strategic, operational, and regulatory risks, among others. Public and private organizations such as government entities, non-for-profit organizations, financial institutions, telecommunications and marketing are relying on the use of data analytics techniques to define and articulate their strategy and address customer’s needs

Predictive Models

Predictive models allow organizations to learn from their past by using empirical data and direct their action by leveraging knowledge acquired. Different contexts dictate the use of predictive models such as:

Marketing campaign or market research

One of the main concerns of organizations is to acquire new customers while retaining and developing existing customers. Predictive models respond for instance to this challenge such as customer acquisition, customer loyalty and retention.

Risk analysis and/or fraud detection

Attracting as many customers as possible while limiting sales that generate losses constitute one of the main challenges for many organizations. In the banking sector for example, it is important to properly calculate the probabilities that a customer might default on a loan before granting credit. Our data analytics services will help your organization manage these risks.

Market Analysis

Our analytics expertise and techniques apply to data collected from customers make it possible to study sale trends and the value-added by of the product being offered. This analysis allows you to know and understand the behavior of current customers to better target marketing proposals and assess growth potential.

Survey and analysis

Survey data is an important source of information about clients. Given the high cost associated with the acquisition of this data, it is essential to extract the maximum amount of strategic information from it. This data can be used to:

  • Segment the customer base
  • Draw up a profile of the clients
  • Do market research
  • Direct a marketing campaign

Epsilon Eco also offers a complete service for the entire survey process, from data collection to data analysis.

Big data and analysis

Organizations are accumulating more and more data on their customers and this big data is a source of information with great added-value. Epsilon Eco has the expertise and the know-how to use these large datasets with the right techniques and the right tools for generating insights and foresights to manage risks or recalibrate organizations strategy

We also offer training courses in data analysis

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