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Support and advise organizations’ in choosing an appropriate IT strategy

Epsilon Eco works with organizations to analyze technological needs, establish digital strategies, and plan their implementation through innovative solutions.

Information technology design and architecture

Epsilon Eco helps you in the development of architectures by offering you strategic advice until the implementation of targeted solutions. The concepts put forward by our team facilitate business initiatives, the efficient use, and the harmonious evolution of information technologies, such as the following services:

  • Corporate governance and architecture assessment
  • Definition, design, and implementation of technological architecture
  • Diagnosis of existing architecture and assessment of maturity
  • Design of digital transformation strategies.
  • Cloud adoption

Digital transformation

Epsilon Eco supports your organization in improving productivity and structure by leveraging technologies solutions, then using them to develop solutions at strategic and operational levels. Our specialists ensure that all company’s business processes have been defined and assimilated beforehand to support the client in a progressive and efficient digital transformation. Our approach is based on the following methodology:

  • Identification definition of scope, target, and vision
  • Understanding of issues related to IT transformation
  • Identifying of new technologies that can enhance your digital business
  • Design of the implementation plan
  • Development of technological architecture
  • Process automation
  • Identification of risks and security breaches and change management issues

Cloud services management

Epsilon Eco supports you in their transformation and cloud management in harmony with business strategies and objectives. Our cloud experts will be able to advise you to facilitate the adoption and deployment of solutions with a strong return on investment by mobilizing the following approach:

  • Strategic planning
  • Cloud governance
  • Development of transformation plans
  • Analysis of total cost of ownership and return on investment
  • Implementation of solutions that meet the needs and vision of the organization
  • Consolidation of data centers and systems
  • Orchestration and automation of operating processes
  • Improved cloud services risk and cyber-security issues management

Applications development

The development of IT applications represents a strategic investment for organizations. Epsilon Eco can provide advice and solutions at each stage of the IT systems development life cycle. Epsilon Eco has expertise in innovation and development of web, mobile and management solutions. Some services we provide are:

  • Functional analysis
  • Design of user interfaces
  • Development of applications
  • Software testing and quality control strategies including unit, functional and integrated tests; etc

Management of IT suppliers

Outsourcing IT services to suppliers or third parties can create additional management challenges. With the collaboration of external stakeholders, organizations must establish clear and functional contractual agreements. FITADEC will help you define:

  • Supplier management and monitoring framework
  • Procurement and tendering processes
  • Governance mechanisms and oversight of supplier security
  • Cloud policies and risks management strategy
  • Negotiating service level agreements
  • Performance indicators and reporting

We also offer training related to information technology

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