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Project, program and portfolio audit in project management

The “Project, Program and Portfolio Audit” training will place learners in the position of project manager and auditors. It is designed to develop or improve the skills that will enable them to understand and integrate the various elements of project, program and portfolio management and internal auditing tools and processes for proper project evaluation.

The training aims to equip internal auditors to apply the basic concepts of project management in the conduct of project audits. Internal auditors and others involved in project management will develop a better understanding and understanding of all project processes and activities. In doing so, internal auditors will determine whether:

  • The project manager has followed all steps, produced all relevant documents and controlled the project during its design, planning, execution and delivery according to the rules established in the adopted project management standard.
  • Project management practices and change management practices are in line with the rules of good project management governance that will lead to the achievement of objectives.

Ultimately, the training aims to equip internal auditors with audit tools in the project, program and portfolio context.

The details

Key contents include an introduction to project management, groups of processes within a project, an overview of knowledge areas, roles and responsibilities of the project manager (project governance), project management rules, common project management documents and tools, and risks and deficiencies.

The clients

This training is intended for all internal auditors and professionals seeking to acquire the necessary skills that will help them conduct audit mandates in the context of small, medium or large project management.

  • Level:
  • Duration: Two days

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