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Basic Principles and Practices of Internal Auditing

This introductory training provides basic internal audit concepts and practices to professionals interested in the risks, controls, processes and procedures applied in the management of organizational activities. It also addresses governance and stewardship issues, regulatory compliance, and business strategies that can undermine the achievement of organizational objectives.

The objective of this training is to provide the tools that will allow auditors to have an overview and understanding of their roles and responsibilities. It also highlights the added value they can bring to the efficient implementation of the three lines of control contributing to a better organizational consideration of governance and risk management issues.

The details

The training will cover the International Standards for Internal Auditing, Internal Control and Management Control Frameworks, as well as governance processes, code of ethics and internal audit processes.

The clients

This training is intended for professionals who are new to internal auditing or who wish to update their knowledge of internal auditing standards and practices.

  • Level:
  • Duration: Two days

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