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Audit of project costs

This training will allow the acquisition of skills related to project cost control and will promote its implementation in the context of project management of all types and sizes. Participants will be able to estimate the costs of a project, control and manage them in compliance with financial, organizational and regulatory rules. The training will enable the internal auditor to identify the most relevant financial indicators of the audited projects and to obtain an understanding of the tools used to evaluate the success of the project.

At the end of this training, the participant will be able to understand the nature of costs and the related management tools in a project context. The training will also allow the participant to understand the nature and sources of project costs as well as the techniques for identifying and estimating these costs. The training will cover, among other things, the techniques of the earned value, the S curve, among others, as cost control tools in a project context.

The details

The content elements will include

  • Estimation and identification of project costs and their sources.
  • Project cost analysis techniques

The clients

This training is mainly intended for internal and external auditors, project managers and all other professionals working in public or private organizations who are responsible for contributing to the improvement of project cost management.

  • Level:
  • Duration: Two days

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