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Risk management in a project context

Every project responds to an imperative for change characterized by risk and uncertainty. Therefore, project management allows the implementation of projects that meet the strategic needs of public or private organizations. This training will make you aware of

  • the importance of integration
  • risk management in project management
  • the concept of risk and uncertainty as determinants that can influence project success.

In addition, the training will address the approaches and tools to be mobilized in risk management in a project context.

This training will lead participants to situate the issues related to the application of a risk management approach and to understand the concept of risk and uncertainty as well as the relevance of measuring the likelihood and impact of risk in a project management approach. It will address risk identification and management models applied in a project context. It will also allow participants to understand the main techniques and key instruments of project risk management and will propose strategies to sensitize management and the project team to the importance of integrating risk management.

The details

The content will focus on concepts and notions related to project risk management processes (identification, definition, evaluation, control) as well as the means of risk communication. Emphasis will also be placed on the qualitative and quantitative analysis of risk as well as their impacts in the project context. Finally, crisis management mechanisms and tools will also be addressed.

The clients

This training is mainly intended for internal and external auditors, project managers and all other professionals working in public or private organizations and who are responsible for contributing to the improvement of project management.

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