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Governance of projects, programs and portfolios

This training is designed to familiarize participants with the field of change management through project, program and portfolio management. Since projects have become a tool for implementing organizational strategies, their management is of paramount importance in the achievement and attainment of these strategic objectives. Through this training, participants will become familiar with the notions of project governance framework, program, project portfolio, prioritization and project office.

The overall objective of this training is to develop knowledge and skills specific to organizational project, program and portfolio management. As a result, participants will become familiar with the knowledge of strategic planning and its alignment with the project portfolio. It will enable them to understand the strategic and organizational context of project management, to know the principles governing organizational project management and their specificities in relation to management in general. Finally, it will provide an integrated vision of projects at the organizational level as well as knowledge of governance framework models.

The details

This training will cover topics focusing on the different approaches to project management, organizational structures in project management and project governance frameworks. It will also address the processes of project design, planning, execution and closure. Finally, project control processes and performance indicators will also be part of the content.

The clients

This training is intended for heads of internal audit and audit managers, directors of the project management office and any professional with an interest in the topic of project governance.

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  • Duration: Two days

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