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Operational audit and organizational performance

The “Operational Audit and Organizational Performance” training will enable participants to understand their contributions to organizational performance management. It is designed to improve the skills of internal audit players in the management of the three lines of control. It aims to equip them to play a role in supporting managers in corporate governance and organizational performance management in order to achieve the objectives set.

The training will expose the different dimensions related to internal auditing with a focus on the achievement of operational objectives, namely :

  • Adopting a holistic, multi-dimensional approach to internal auditing through the understanding of issues related to the presentation of information (financial and non-financial) to stakeholders, regulatory requirements and, above all, the consideration of organizational objectives.
  • Identifying the criteria that can be used to assess the achievement of objectives and the operational efficiency of the organization.

This training focuses on the following three concepts: objectives, risks and control activities that contribute to efficient management of organizational performance.

The details

The main elements of the content are articulated around the internal auditing referentials (IIA / COSO / ITLL / ISO) which will needed to identify the audit criteria. They will also refer to audit procedures and an analysis of the key elements of internal control, namely governance, quality and reporting of operating results. The content will also address the different types of objectives (strategic, tactical and operational) that have an impact on the achievement of organizational objectives.

The clients

This training is intended for professionals working in public or private organizations with the responsibility of contributing to the improvement of governance, risk management and internal control mechanisms.

  • Level: Beginner
  • Duration: Two days

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