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Software R: Statistical Data Analysis

This course focuses on the effective use of the R programming language for data analysis. To this end, the Rstudio integrated development environment (IDE) is used for all demonstrations. It allows an efficient use of R. The emphasis is on the software itself and not on the development of data analysis knowledge. The information and procedures presented during the workshop will be put into practice by the participants through various concrete exercises with the help of the trainer.

The objectives of this training are mainly to introduce the participants to the analytical possibilities offered by R, its characteristics, its structure and to acquire basic skills in data manipulation.

At the end of this training, the participants will have a good knowledge of the R software package which will allow them to perform simple processing on databases.

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The objective of this training is to learn how to use the R software to analyze data. Participants will be able to implement in R the methods of descriptive statistics, decisional statistics, analysis of variance, linear regression and multidimensional data analysis.The following approaches will be used in this course:

  • Mastering the R work environment with Rstudio
  • Data manipulation and management with R and the latest data manipulation packages
  • Mastering the application of data science methods
  • Know the basics of programming with R

The details

The main elements in this training include the introduction and use of the R software. The content of the training will include:

General presentation of the R environment

  • The potential and capabilities of R
  • The R programming software
  • The environment and structure of R
  • Getting help with R
  • Rstudio’s tour

Create and import data

  • The R-objects
  • Internal or external data readings
  • Types of variables

Data management and manipulation

  • Selecting observations and variables
  • Logical Instructions
  • Transformation and recoding of variables
  • Handling formats such as dates
  • Concatenation and table merging

An alternative to point-and-click: coding

  • Rcmdr

Procedures for descriptive statistics

  • Descriptive statistics
  • Contingency tables

Simple data analysis for decision making

  • Correlations
  • Group comparison (T-test and analysis of variance)
  • Linear regression

Master Data Visualizations

  • Basic graphics (point clouds, histograms, box-plots)

Export data

  • Exporting a dataset
  • Exporting to a document

The clients

This training is intended for all analysts and professionals seeking to acquire the necessary skills of the R software that will help to conduct or understand data mining and segmentation in your company.

  • Level: Beginner
  • Duration: Two days

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