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Agile and Lean Project Management Approach

Project management is a tool that contributes to the implementation of organizational strategies. The use of Agile and Lean practices and their integration with standard practices can guarantee the success of projects. These approaches guarantee the flexibility needed to manage project-specific risks or uncertainty. The use of these approaches makes project management more dynamic and allows for rapid adaptation to changes that may affect the project.

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This training aims to enable participants to become familiar with the approaches and standards specific to the use of Agile and Lean methods and practices. The training will address the principles underlying

  • the Agile Manifesto;
  • the Agile and Lean methods (the Scrum);
  • the governance specific to the use of these methods
  • and the impact of these methods on stakeholder management.


The details

The introductory part will deal with the adoption of Agile and Lean practices in organizations. This training will address the project management techniques presented in the Agile Manifesto. The limitations and advantages of this technique as well as the tools for its use.

The clients

Anyone interested in new Agile and Lean practices and methods. Any project manager who regularly interacts with project management, especially functional managers, project steering committee members, management committee members, etc. Anyone who is involved in projects and wishes to develop new skills in order to access new responsibilities.

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