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Project Risk Management

Each project is part of a complex environment that presents risks, uncertainties and opportunities. Therefore, risk management is a process with well-defined and monitored steps that promote better decision making while providing better information on risks and their impacts. In a project context, risk management allows for a proactive approach that anticipates events that could have a negative impact on the success of the project. In addition, an effective risk management strategy is an important means for project managers to achieve project objectives.

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The purpose of this training is to equip participants with the techniques and principles of risk management in a project context. It also helps develop the skills and knowledge needed to anticipate risk events, problem situations and opportunities that may arise during project implementation. It also aims to develop participants’ skills to identify and understand project characteristics and related risk factors. Finally, it will enable them to conduct an analysis of stakeholders and the project environment in order to identify, qualify, quantify and manage risks or uncertainties that may negatively impact the success of the project.

The details

The training will focus on the notions of risk in the context of risk management according to the PMI standard. It will also cover the risk management plan as well as the tools and techniques that will be used to identify, define, analyze and manage risk. Risk reporting and communication, risk governance as well as risk monitoring mechanisms are integrated in the content of this training.

The clients

This training is intended for project managers, auditors and anyone who is responsible for managing and carrying out projects and who wants to improve their knowledge of project management.

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