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The fundamentals of risk management

All entrepreneurial actions of a public or private nature are subject to strategic, financial, operational, regulatory, compliance and/or reputational risks. It would be unwise not to be concerned about these risks, as the consequences could be damaging to the future of your organization. This training course examines risk management processes such as processes related to risk identification and analysis, regardless of their structure. In addition to processes, it will address management tools and the search for solutions that will allow for adequate risk management in terms of both control and financing in order to help achieve operational and strategic objectives.

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This training aims to provide a better understanding of the practice of risk management and the mechanisms related to risk management. It will enable participants to identify the costs and benefits associated with risk management, describe the steps in the risk management process, evaluate the risk management program and identify the optimal risk management solution(s) in a given situation.

The details

The training will focus on the program and the risk management process. It will also cover the study of loss risks related to the operational management of organizations as well as the identification and assessment of strategic, financial, reputational and compliance risks.

The clients

This training on the fundamentals of risk management is intended not only for risk managers, project managers and auditors, but also for managers, decision-makers and executives who must advise senior management or the board of directors on the organization’s operational and strategic orientations.

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