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Risk management: assessment and treatment (control)

Every company faces risks that can hinder its development and pose a threat to the continuity of its activities. This is why managers must be aware of the direct and indirect risks to which the company is exposed. They must also take appropriate measures to manage the identified risks. Also, organizations must apply risk control measures specific to their environments and realities. Acquiring the technical and procedural knowledge to control the risks faced by organizations becomes more than an imperative to help them achieve their objectives.

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The purpose of this training is to introduce enrollees to one of the most important steps in the organizational risk management process. It will help develop the capacity to analyze the various risk determinants with the support of related theories. Crisis management will also be discussed, as well as familiarization with risk control measures related to organizational operations.

The details

In this training, we will deal with the notion of risk control by approaching theories such as the management system failure theory or the theory of the systemic approach to safety that deal with the causes of risk events. The various risk control techniques such as avoidance, prevention, reduction, separation, duplication and diversification will also be discussed.

The clients

This risk control training is not only intended for risk managers, project managers and auditors, but also for managers, decision-makers and executives who must advise senior management or the board of directors on the organization’s operational and strategic orientations.

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