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Risk management: financing

Every organization faces risks that could pose threats to the achievement of its objectives. Risk management is the use of processes, methods and tools to manage these risks and focuses on identifying what could go wrong, assessing which risks should be addressed and implementing strategies to deal with these risks. The strategies implemented may be aimed at providing organizations with the necessary funds to be able to compensate for potential losses.

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The purpose of this training is to make people aware of the different sources of loss risk financing that can be used, the situations in which they can be used and the appropriate way to use them. The application of concepts specific to risk financing will be mobilized for an optimal transfer of competence.

The details

This training will focus on risk financing techniques that can be put in place by organizations. These techniques can be divided into two broad categories: retention and transfer. Transfer will cover techniques such as insurance, indemnity contracts and hedging or securitization securities. Retention techniques will focus on techniques for financing through the organization’s own resources.

The clients

This risk control training is not only intended for risk managers, project managers and auditors, but also for managers, decision-makers and executives who must advise senior management or the board of directors on the organization’s operational and strategic orientations.

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