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Operational risk management – financial institutions (prudential regulations)

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Become familiar with the different types of operational risks that your financial institution may face. Develop skills in assessing operational, compliance and emerging risks that may have a negative impact on the future of financial institutions. Become familiar with the various quantitative risk analysis strategies and tools. Apply the various methods of calculating operational risk. Study the new recommendations and framework policies established by regulatory bodies such as the Basel Accords and prudential regulators. Understand the concept of integrated risk management.

The details

This training presents the different concepts related to the identification and management of operational risks. Various strategies and tools used by financial institutions to protect themselves against the consequences of operational risks are studied. Common and generally recognized methods in this area are developed, in particular the methods for calculating operational risk (Basel 3). A summary review of risk management recommendations and framework policies is carried out: the concept of integrated risk management.

The clients

This training on operational risk management in financial institutions is not only intended for risk managers and auditors, but also for managers, decision-makers and executives who must advise senior management or the board of directors on the operational orientations of financial institutions.

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