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Risk management

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Risk management practices consistent and in good standing with environmental and regulatory developments and standards

Strategic risks

Epsilon Eco helps organizations make strategic risk choices and respond to events that might have positive or negative impact on business growth or undermine the organization’s reputation. As such, we offer services in:

  • Corporate governance to help managers adequately monitor risks relating to the strategy and overall governance structure of organizations
  • Strategic risks to help detect, monitor, and provide appropriate advice on the measures to be taken to ensure the future of the organization
  • Crisis management to help organizations to implement crisis management measures that provides appropriate responses to the resumption of activities

Operational risks

Epsilon Eco helps organizations transform the way they leverage their staff, outsourcing, technologies, data, business processes and controls to manage operational risks and increase business performance. The development of integrated and strategically aligned risk management solutions enables organizations to make optimal business decisions. We offer to support you by offering the following services:

  • Internal audit : to help improve internal control, efficiency of business processes and regulatory compliance. Our advice to internal audit functions is established according to the strategy, objectives, and organizational resources
  • Insurance : to help provide risk and control analysis to your lines of defense for efficient and effective management of activities
  • Conduct risks management : Conduct risks management: to assess the values, beliefs, behaviors and understanding of the risk culture for alignment with your operational strategy and practices
  • Outsourcing risk management : to help you assess and manage the risks associated with outsourcing (contracts) or the outsourcing of your business activities for optimal added value
  • Operational and transformation risks management : to help you manage risks related to resources, technologies, data, and operational processes to promote the achievement of organizational objectives
  • Technology and data risks : to help you transform technology and data management frameworks across the enterprise for adequate decision making


Regulatory risks

Epsilon Eco helps organizations anticipate and adapt to regulatory changes. We help in the design of relevant programs and controls that will manage regulatory risks by the following services:

  • Regulatory compliance : to help you design, evaluate, and transform your compliance programs to meet regulatory requirements
  • Regulatory response : we help you react to shortcomings in your regulatory compliance programs, which may result in actual or possible regulatory sanctions
  • Regulatory strategy : we help you develop regulatory strategies, structures and processes that allow for a proactive and forward-looking assessment of regulatory trends and their impact on business models

We also offer training in risk management

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