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Epsilon Eco


Support adapted for public and private sectors (regulated and non-regulated)

Our clients include divers institutions. We have developed specialized support for the public and private sector (regulated and non-regulated), namely:

  • Governmental and non-governmental organizations
  • Public and non-public companies
  • Financial institutions
  • Companies working in the agricultural and health sectors
  • Commercial companies
  • Small businesses

Government and public services

Epsilon Eco’s experts and professionals are in tune with the challenges of the public sector and can provide integrated and adapted solutions according to the issues at hand.

Financial services

The constant changes and mutations that characterize the financial sector are the drivers impacting continuous transformation of this area (banking, insurance, microfinance, asset management and actuarial service). Epsilon Eco with its professional resources can help address these challenges through our services of risk management, optimization of customer relations, control of compliance requirements and improvement of operational practices and processes.

Trade (wholesale and details)

With our expert resources in consumer goods and trade, Epsilon Eco has in-depth knowledge, expertise and experience required to help your organizations address challenges from these activities relative to the trade industry (wholesale, retail, imports -exports, consumer products and restoration).

Health services

Health issues call on seasoned experts who have in-depth knowledge of the sector. Epsilon Eco’s resources mobilize their knowledge and experience to find solutions to problems in the sector by collaborating directly with stakeholders and key decisions makers.


The professionals at Epsilon Eco put their knowledge and expertise at your disposal to reduce business risks and comply with new regulatory requirements affecting this sector of activity.

Agriculture and Food industry

The agricultural sector is booming in Africa, hence the need to provide our customers advices that will help mobilize knowledge, expertise, and experience.

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