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Our Survey Services Contribute to Your Decision Support Systems

Epsilon Eco offers research and survey services to public and private organizations. We focus on opinion surveys, market studies, customer satisfaction evaluations, data collection and analysis in the context of evaluations of programs, and the definition of organizational strategies.


Epsilon Eco conducts surveys through our online services suitable for desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. This tool allows us to conduct surveys and research with many participants. This approach is adapted to the needs of our clients and the changing business environment on the predominance of information technology. Our research and surveys are conducted by mobilizing the knowledge and expertise of our PhDs in statistics and business administration. Epsilon Eco aims to be a unique center of know-how that combines innovative technology and statistical methods to generate insights.


Epsilon Eco offers a full range of survey and research services enabling optimal decision-making to achieve your business objectives. The services are intended for any organization and are on the one hand oriented on the analysis of the opinion relating to a given subject and on the other hand on the research services (quantitative and qualitative).

Opinion analysis

Opinion polls allow participants to express themselves on subjects or themes that could help identify trends or changes in their environment or on current issues. These surveys also generally contribute to knowing the opinions of participants on the economic environment or on development projects.

Qualitative and quantitative research

Through its quantitative and qualitative research services, Epsilon Eco also offers a solution to meet your research needs. We have the professional expertise, the technical resources, and the infrastructure necessary to carry out this research.

Areas of expertise

Our different areas of expertise include

  • Consumer and brand audits
  • Customer satisfaction and customer experience survey
  • Public opinion poll
  • Segmentation and market research
  • Positioning analysis of products and services
  • Study of economic benefits
  • Opportunity, feasibility, and profitability study

Surveys in progress

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