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Center for Professional and Continuing Training (CPCT)

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Risk management

Project management

Training tailored to your needs and for the success of your organization

Your employees’ play an important role in implementing the organizational strategy. We improve their skills through cutting-edge training in areas such as data analytics, risk management, governance, project management, internal audit and control so that they can offer the best quality services to all your customers and contribute to the achievement of your business objectives. We conduct collaborative workshops at which participants from different backgrounds are encouraged to find innovative solutions to meet the operational and strategic expectations of their organization. All our trainings are listed below. Click for more information.


Epsilon Eco, a business intelligence group dedicated to consulting, data analysis and research is your training partner who offers courses via its Center for Professional and Continuing Training (CPCT). CPCT is committed to actively supporting individuals and organizations in professional and institutional development. Endowed with a team of experts (academic and seasoned professionals), CPCT delivers trainings to organizations and individuals that help move business forward. Our training is grounded in sound management practices that help private and public organizations achieve their objectives.

About us

Our training

The CFCT offers different types of training to meet the needs of public and private organizations, businesses, and professionals. The training and development activities offered by our center are grouped by category or theme as follows:

  • Data analytics
  • Internal audit and control
  • Financial planning and cost management
  • Results-oriented strategic and operational planning
  • Risk management
  • Project and program management
  • Operations and production management
  • Quality management and process improvement
  • Governance and social responsibility
  • Management, talent management and leadership
  • Computer and Information Technology (IT)

Our training sessions

Training and development activities offered by our Center are accessible remotely and face-to-face (public sessions and corporate sessions).

Public training:

Our public training is given by university professors and professionals who are experts in their domains. They are delivered in form of workshops, seminars, webinars, or conferences designed to meet management requirements and emerging themes corresponding to best industry practices.

Corporate training:

The corporate sessions are tailor-made training and consist of activities, webinars, seminars, or workshops designed to meet the specific needs of trainees. Our service, in collaboration with your organization, determines the needs, content, type and duration of the training activities necessary to achieve your objectives.  

Why Epsilon Eco CPCT

Trainings offered by Epsilon Eco provide the following distinctive advantages:

  • Save time and money for top quality North American-style training in the sub-region
  • Action-oriented training related to the challenges of your business and industry
  • Use trainers involved at university and professional level
  • Small groups favoring a dynamic exchange and personalized follow-up
  • Bilingual training (English & French) modulated for the different decision-making levels (executives, professional executives, administrators) of your organization

The Training


Our trainings in data analytics and artificial intelligence are designed to address your business need specifically in an environment of constant change.


Our internal audit and controls courses permit participants to master the concepts, tools, and techniques for conducting internal audits effective to achieve the expected objectives.


These training courses are designed to develop the skills that are needed to use tools and techniques in uncertainty and risk management.


These courses are designed to help professional to better understand and master standards relative to design, manage, and evaluate projects of all types.


This training help participants master tools that are essential for managing activities and organizational performance.

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