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CeRADA‘s activities are divided into five (5) lines of research dedicated toward business development issues relative to operating and economic environment.

Big data analysis and artificial intelligence (AI)

Big data presents are a challenge for all professional and scholars in different field of activity or research. Research on Big data will enable the development of expertise that will help various stakeholders optimize their operations (operational research) and make adequate analysis and projections (artificial intelligence). This research will focus on exploiting unstructured data in addition to issues relative to confidentiality and integrity of data.

Organizational innovation and transformation

The theme of innovation and organizational transformation aims to highlight complex links between the attributes of innovation and their impact on the organization. CeRADA therefore aims to develop a better knowledge and understanding of strategies that feed innovation and incidentally organizational transformation. The research will tackle themes covering the dynamics of change and processes that affect the performance of an organization operating systems.

Uncertainty and risk management

All organizations, whether operating in public or private sector, are affected in one way or another by environmental, technological, economic, or political disruptions that can cause damages that could have a major impact on their future. This context implies decision-making under uncertainty, whether partial (risk) or total (non-determinism). The study of uncertainty will focus on the different sources of uncertainty (parametric or non-parametric) that can hinder organization performance or objectives.

Project management

Project management research will address on one hand managerial questions related to the design, planning, execution and monitoring and control of projects as a whole; and on the other hand questions relating to project governance, i.e. structures and mechanisms focused on project management, roles and responsibilities, rules and procedures, direction and control as well as the organizational methods necessary to carry out the projects. The research will also highlight the interrelationships between the sectors of activity in the realization of the projects as well as the interactions between the internal and external stakeholders of the projects.

Information technology (IT)

Information technology research aims to cover new IT tools, IT concepts and their exploitations, as well as emerging new IT knowledge that might have an impact on business going concerns. IT researchers therefore aim to help organizations understand as well as adopt information technology tools to add value to their organizations.

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