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Choose a proper tax reporting and optimized your tax choices

Taxation is a pervasive area in the life of organizations. Interpretation of legislations and a multitude of deadlines are often a source of difficulty for managers. Epsilon Eco integrates into its accounting outsourcing missions, support for organizations with the aim of simplifying this fiscal complexity, closely linked to accounting. Our Tax Center at Epsilon Eco also offers optimization advice and assistance in the event of audit. The skills of our professionals (lawyers, lawyers, tax specialists) provide needed assistance in different tax areas that will accelerate business development.

Tax reporting

As part of its mission, Epsilon Eco can take care of all your tax and reporting requirements. The deadlines are multiple, and it is therefore imperative to have adequate processes and approaches to comply with these obligations. Among these different obligations are :

  • Value Added Tax (VAT), which can be monthly, quarterly or simplified annual declaration with installments
  • Company tax which concerns all companies under corporate tax regime
  • Other taxes (apprenticeship tax, continuing education, employer, etc.)

The list is not exhaustive as there are a multitude of taxes and deadlines. Failure or late submission of each return and payment will result in penalties and interest which represent costs to the business. To comply with different tax authorities, Epsilon Eco offers assistance with its tax professionals’ teams.

Advice on tax optimization

Epsilon Eco offers you expert advice to rationalize and optimize your tax system, the main objective being for the entrepreneur to be aware of the different taxes and duties to which he or she will be subject, as well as their due dates. A good knowledge of this aspect will enable your company to make better decisions in day-to-day management.


It is important to rationalize your tax system according to your situation. Indeed, a number of measures proposed by the administration enable companies to reduce their tax burden. These include the use of tax credits, the choice of compensation of the associate officer (dividends or salary) …


It is important to note that tax optimization is not about hijacking the law in order to evade taxes. It is a question of applying certain provisions in specific cases, in order to be as fair as possible from a tax point of view. The use of tax packages is a matter for specialists. Thanks to the network of professionals, tax specialists can propose to optimize your taxes according to your situation. This optimization can be done at two levels of the managers (investment in tax exemption schemes – real estate, life insurance, etc.) and of the company (tax consolidation, creation of a holding company, etc.).

We also offer training courses on tax optimization

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