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Project Management: Concepts and Techniques in Project Management

Project management is the implementation of an organizational strategy through the management functions of planning, organizing, directing and controlling. It involves the systematic management and control of project resources that will contribute to the success of the project. For effective and efficient management, a set of standardized project management techniques, processes, models and tools must be mobilized to allow for the effective use of resources (material, human and financial) that will contribute to the achievement of established objectives. The “Project Management: Concepts and Techniques in Project Management” training provides knowledge and mastery of these techniques for the efficient use of organizational resources in a project context.

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This training aims to equip participants with the necessary skills in managing the project’s internal processes and operations to better achieve the efficiency and effectiveness objectives necessary for its success. As such, it will provide participants with a structured and integrated method of project management as well as a good understanding and knowledge of the project phases according to best practices. Finally, it will equip participants with the main techniques and tools necessary for project management.

The details

This training will cover the phases of project management (design, planning, execution, closure) as well as the knowledge areas that underpin good project management. Elements of quality, risk, change, procurement, audit and evaluation, information and accountability systems and stakeholder management are also integrated into the content.

The clients

This training is intended for project managers, auditors and anyone who is responsible for managing and carrying out projects and who wants to improve their knowledge of project management.

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