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Project cost control

Carrying out a project within the budget established at the outset, whatever its nature, proves to be almost impossible given the many issues linked to the implementation of the pre-set budget. Risks, uncertainties, changes and the unavailability of resources, whether human, material or otherwise, are all reasons that justify not respecting the initial budget. This training will allow the acquisition of various skills related to a good control of project costs, including the ability to adequately estimate all costs related to a project, to control them and to manage all financial aspects of the project.

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Understanding the context of project management and explaining the basic principles of project cost management are the main objectives of this training. In addition, it aims to facilitate the understanding of concepts specific to project financial analysis, as well as to master the techniques of cost identification and estimation. Finally, it also aims to make participants understand the benefits of using earned value as a technique for controlling project costs.

The details

This training has been designed to encourage exchanges between the participants and the trainer on real professional situations related to project cost management. Participants will therefore be asked to provide concrete examples throughout the training. Together with the theoretical concepts on project breakdown, estimation, budgeting, scheduling and cash flow, the sharing of experiences will further stimulate the transfer of knowledge. It will also address the financial indicators that will be used to judge the success of the project.

The clients

This training is mainly aimed at project managers, auditors, financial officers and anyone with an interest in project management as a whole.

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